About Us

As well as having a diverse range of features you can expect minimal down time with our hosting. This is because our technicians have 24/7 access to our servers ensuring that any problems that may occur are swiftly dealt with.

Unlike other hosting companies we pride ourselves in having a dedicated team of server technicians, speak to one of them and you will get an expert who knows what they are talking about, instead of a sales person pushing you onto hosting that may be unsuitable for your needs.

Using that latest version of Centos Linux you can be assured that your hosting is safe and secure. With the latest technology used to fight spam and viruses reduces the chance of your site being hacked.

Need help installing web applications? No problem our support team are happy to assist you in installing application at a low hourly rate. (* note we are not responsible for the compatibility of any third party products if the software developer confirms that the software will run on our server we will ensure that it works for you. We will under no circumstances modify any third party software unless we have the permission of the author.)

Free access, set-up and support of all free CGI scripts listed on http://www.cosmicscripts.com/. Including:

  • CGI & Perl Scripts
  • AffiliateClick Free
  • RSS creator
  • SecureFormEmailer
  • Directory
  • Storyline
  • Tell-a-Friend
  • Link Trade
  • Cosmic Mailer Lite

Discount on all Premium CGI scripts listed on http://www.cosmicscripts.com/. Including:

  • AllAffiliatePro
  • CosmicDirectories
  • CosmicContacts
  • CosmicEmailer
  • CosmicTells
  • BannerClick
  • AffiliateClick
  • AdSpaceSeller