If you've had a cheap hosting account then some of the following scenarios are probably familiar:-

I want to install a piece of software but it requires an extra feature/module to work... My hosting company says they won't install it for me so I can't use it.
At cosmicsitehosting we will install any additional module or feature you need.
I purchased a dedicated Linux server, it came with nothing setup or configured, now people are complaining my IP is blacklisted and someone is spamming through my server???
At cosmicsitehosting all our virtual private servers come pre set-up and configured with the latest security and virus scanning software, this make sure you can use the hosting from day 1.
I've got a problem and I've called technical support. I'm having to re explain my problem all over again and again to someone who doesn't seem to know much about computers let alone how to fix my problem.
At cosmicsitehosting you are assigned a single expert team member who will deal with your query from start to finish.
I got a cheap Linux VPS, nothing has been set-up for me, all I was given is SSH access and they are saying I need to secure my box? Now they want to charge me extra to help me set it up.
At cosmicsitehosting our virtual private servers come pre set-up and secure.
My cheap hosting came with unlimited bandwidth, but now my hosting company has taken my site down saying I used up too much bandwidth?!?!?
Unlimited bandwidth is a myth. If you check the small print a �fair usage� applies. In other words there is a bandwidth limit so if you exceed it they will charge you extra or take your site down.
When I call my hosting company with a problem their support people are just reading from the FAQ on their support site which I have already done!
Cheap hosting companies employ telephone operatives who are not trained computer technicians. They are just reading from an online database and often cannot resolve the issue at CosmicSiteHosting you will speak to a professional who will deal with your problems.
When I purchased my cheap hosting I checked what Perl modules were available. Now I cannot install a piece of software and it turns out the modules they advertised aren't actually on the machine. Their support people make up new excuses each time I call.
Being a part of a software development company we have worked with hundreds of different hosting companies around the globe. This has given us an insight into how not to set a server up. We have found many companies that advertise modules and functionality that haven't been installed or configured correctly. At CosmicSiteHosting we ensure each feature advertised is working correctly. Feel free to verify this from our features page, where each feature has a link to an example script.
My cheap host advertised that they had Perl and MySQL, yet I can't run and Perl programs that require MySQL??
By default perl does not come with mysql database modules, so although both perl and mysql may be installed on a machine without these modules they cannot talk to each other. In our experience in installing software with a variety of hosts, the number that have had perl and mysql installed but not the database modules is frightening.
I emailed my hosting with a problem, they sent me a standard response they must have copied and pasted that did not answer my problem. I tried emailing them again wording the email differently, I got the same response...
Cheap hosting companies employ email support operatives who are not trained computer technicians. They are just using an online database to trouble shoot your problem. At CosmicSiteHosting you will speak to a professional who will deal with your problems.

The problem with cheap hosting companies

Cheap hosting companies make money as they are on a large scale. Their sales, support and sysadmin teams are totally separate as they try to cheaply deal with all the accounts. The aim is to keep most people happy, not everyone happy. If they don't already offer what you need they there is little to no chance they'll adapt to you. Trained support staff (proper system administrators) are expensive, call centre people on minimum wage are cheap. You quickly find yourself adapting the design and software of your website to match your hosting, when you should be using the best software for the job and the hosting should be adapting to it.

Cheap hosting support process:-

  1. You have problem
  2. Check their support site
  3. Phone in
  4. You explain your problem.
  5. The call centre person on minimum wage looks at their support site.
  6. Reads out the support site info to you that you have already read.
  7. You get frustrated with them, they say they can't help and tell you to send in an email.
  8. You write an email explaining your problem.
  9. The email support person on minimum wage reads their support site.
  10. They email you the standard response from the support site.
  11. Now you've been given the same useless reply 3 different times.
  12. You email them again trying to explain the problem a different way.
  13. You get the same standard reply back.
  14. You phone again now very frustrated
  15. They tell you to email again

... Round and round you go.
Until you finally get totally fed up and change hosting company...
Now you've got 2 options, you can try another cheap hosting company, in which case go back to the start.

Or you can get a business grade hosting account from CosmicSiteHosting.com in which case if you get a problem:-

  1. You have a problem
  2. You call or email us
  3. One of our trained system administrators, who you've most likely spoken to before remembers your site and account and looks at your problem individually.
  4. They log into the server and check things out with you over the phone to find out exactly what the problem is.
  5. They either fix the problem there and then, or run some tests looking into it further and phone you back later with a solution.

Believe us we have dealt with hundreds of hosting companies and we have learnt from their problems to create the best package for you.